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Wakey wakey, Upper East Siders. Cher and Subi (C and S) are here to discuss every episode of Gossip Girl and its everlasting effect on society. Yes, they know it ended in 2012. What's the dish?

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    Episode 59 - S3x16: "The Empire Strikes Jack"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcaster! C and S are back and things are happeninggggg! Basshole has some serious Mommy Issues, but will Jack make them worse? Blair doesn't have any friends at school, but will Eleanor judge her for her shortcomings? Serena and Nate are happily in love, trying to help Dan and Vanessa not get into a rut, but are they projecting their own? Jenny is still sulking from Damien, but will someone from her past get her mind off it him, or somewhere else? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 58 - S3x15: "The Sixteen Year Old Virgin"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode of Gossip Girls! Basshole is getting sued by his staff, but does his family have his back? Jenny is out here in these streets and in the sheets with Damien, does will she go all the way? Dan and Vanessa are in the zone, but which one? Serena and Nate discuss gender politics... hahaha no they don't. What are they doing? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 57 - S3x14: "The Lady Vanished"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode of Gossip Girls! Serena and Nate are a FULL ON COUPLE NOW?? And doing stuff with food?? Basshole is trying to deal with his Mother Issues, but will he let Blair help? Or will Serena get caught up in her Daddy Issues, and intervene? Jenny is living life on the edge with Damien, but will it cost her her throne on the Upper East Side? And Dan and Vanessa might go all the way... without Olivia??? We'll never tell..

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    Episode 56 - S3x13: "The Hurt Locket"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode of Gossip Girls! Serena and Nate are making a boring love sandwich with each other or something, and are getting advice from Blair and Dan about how to handle their new relationship, and it's pretty bad. The advice and the relationship. Damien and sending Jenny mixed signals, but only Little J gets to get the alpha, showing him she's smarter than her black lace makes her look, which is pretty smart! Rufus is in his feelings, and exiled himself to Brooklyn, but will Lily convince him otherwise? Is Dan still hung up on Vanessa? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Gossip Girls Blast #4: I, Tonya, starring Sebastian Stan

    Wakey Waker Upper Easter Podcasters! We have another Gossip Girls Blast, this time, for Sebastian Stan's "I, Tonya". C and S discuss everything that happened way back in 1994, when they were basically infants, when figure skating took over the world, and Tonya Harding was the biggest celebrity in the world. Does "I, Tonya" live up to the hype? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 55 - S3x12: "The Debarted"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcaster! C and S are back and things are happeninggggg! Will Serena and Dripp enjoy their tryst in Upstate New York, or get interrupted by Maurine? And will they make it out alive? Basshole is sad about his dead Dad, but will Blair be able to tell him to get over it and face the music? Also, does Blair care about gentrification? Dan is in his feels about Vanessa, but does she care? And why is Nate helping him? Maybe because he's not over Serena? Is Rufus a "kept man husband also C's goals? And Jenny and Eric are still fighting, I guess. About what? Who knows anymore, but we'll never tell...

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    Episode 54 - S3x11: "The Treasure of Serena Madre"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S talked before the end of the year, to talk about another holiday, THANKSGIVING. And boy, are our UESers dishing out hot takes, messy comebacks, and petty squabbles. Serena and Tripp, or Drip, are getting closer together, but will Nate intervene? Or just be his old Mayo Nate self? Blair thinks Eleanor is pregnant for reasons not even she can explain. Jenny is heated over a big Eric reveal, but can they get through it still friends, or just family? Dan is falling for Vanessa, but her mom isn't having it. And Lily and Rufus and Lily and Serena and Lily and Cece, and who isn't upset at Lily? We'll never tell...

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    Gossip Girl Blast #3: Gossip Girls Christmas Extravaganza: A Christmas Kiss!

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's a Christmas Episode Extravaganza, and we are reviewing the ION Television Masterpiece, A Christmas Kiss, featuring Gossip Girl Season 2 alum, Miss Carr! You know, the teacher that hooked up with Lonely Boy? Well, she gets entangled with another lonely boy, only this time, it's an elevator! The scandal! Does Miss Carr bag him? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 53 - S3x10 - The Last Days of the Disco Stick

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with the gang, and everyone is very theatrical! Will Dan come back from the threesome with Olivia and Vanessa unscathed? Or is it curtains for a certain couple? And will Blair have something to do with it? With Lady Gaga? Will Nate help Serena from making a mistake of the heart, or will he opens his heart to her at last? And Jenny? Now that she's Queen of the Upper East Side, will she find her ride or die? Or will she just die... of embarrassment? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Gossip Girl Blast #2: A Word from The Gossip Girls

    Trigger Warning: C and S discuss sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault. If this isn't your jam, please come back next week with a new episode review. XOXO, Gossip Girls.

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    Episode 52 - S3x09: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" with special guest Maria Ranahan

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S, with special guest, M, are back at the annual cotillion, but this time, it's personal. At least for Little J, who is trying her best to erase her past and rise from the ashes as Queen Jenny, but will she succeed? Blair and Serena are still at odds, but what will it take to get these two back together? Macaroons? Daddy Issues? Chuck and Nate have the briefest of Lost Weekends, but will they find they way back to help Blair, Serena, and Jenny? Will Eric get his sister, Jenny, back, or gain an enemy and a new groupie, Kara? Also, Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa sitting in a tree, something is getting kinda gross with this three. Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 51 - S3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode, and this time, it gets political. While Tripp is getting groomed for Congress, Nate and Grandfather Vanderbilt are gonna get him in there, one way or another. Serena and Blair are at each other's throats, but will friendship win the day? Vanessa finds herself in some hot water the campaign, but it seems like another water source might be there source of her problems. Dan and Olivia are still a thing, good for them! Or is it? And why is Jenny sick? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 50 - S3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's Halloween on the UES where the monsters not only come out at night. Will Blair prove herself to Chuck, or will her schemes pull them further apart? Serena is helping Dan and Olivia stay together, but will it jeopardize her new career? Jenny is handling her newfound queendom well, but at what cost? And Nate is around... kind of? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 48 - S3x06: Enough about Eve


    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back, and Blair and Vanessa are going head to head to for a speech that's supposed to be important for reason? Also, Serena and Nate are trying to manipulate the Buckleys, but don't they know they're terrible at schemes?! Dan is still dating Olivia, but will Rufus and Lily meet the real Olivia, or her alterego? And is there trouble in paradise with Blair and Chuck? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 47 - S3x05: Rufus Getting Married, with special guest Cristina Vanko

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S have another C in the house, as their special guest to the wedding of the century, Rufus and Lily are FINALLY getting married, but will they make it to the alter? Will Serena ever find out with Carter did to the Buckleys? Or will Chuck give him another out? Will Dan find out about Scott at last, or will Georgina continue to meddle, with the help of Vanessa? And will Scott ever tell Lily and Rufus he's their son? And Nate is still with Bree, do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 46 - S3x04: Dan de Fleurette

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! There's a new girl in town, and haven't we seen her before? And she's FAMOUS. But what is she hanging out with Dan? Serena is trying to be a working girl, but who wants that? Blair is backsliding, but will Chuck and Jenny help her get back to her own NYU kingdom, and leave Jenny's newly crowned one alone? Vanessa is making nice with her roommate, but will she help Dan get closer? And Nate is Mayo Lite, do we like him better this way? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 45 - S3x03: The Lost Boy

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are pretty bored at the Sotheby's auction, but will the attendees be anymore interesting? Dan and Georgina have been getting to know each other's anatomy better, but will Blair have to witness it? Blair can't seem to get Chuck on his own while he's working on his business, negating them to get down with some business on their own. Carter and Serena are trying to make it as a couple, both with random women and champagne sprees get in their way? And Vanessa knows Scott's secret, but will she be able to keep it for long? Or from Rufus? And Nate and Bree are STILL a thing! Do we still find them boring? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 44 - S3x02: The Freshmen

    Today's show is brought to you by LOLA - get $5 off your first month at www.trymylola.com/gossipgirls.simplecast.com.

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, C and S are heading to college! Blair, Dan, Vanessa, and Serena are all headed to college, but will all of them make it there? Blair is floundering and finds her new roommate is an old enemy, Georgina! Dan and Vanessa are getting used to being in school together, but will Scott put a wedge between them? Serena can't face Brown, and turns to an unlikely ally for clarity. And Mayo Nate is still with Expired Bree, and it's really boring. Will they become interesting? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 43 - S3x01: Reversals of Fortune

    Today's show is brought to you by LOLA - get $5 off your first month at www.trymylola.com/gossipgirls.simplecast.com.

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, the gang has returned for Season 3, as C and S try to get a hold of themselves, seeing everyone back from summer vacations with their tans. Serena has been galavanting around the world, but are the paparazzi snapping her secrets or just her smile? Blair and Chuck have been in the heat of their relationship, but is being in the streets keeping them away from their sheets? The Humphreys are in the Hamptons, but do they wear it as well as their guest mates? And who's that with Nate? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 42 - S2x25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl, with special guest Brontë Mansfield

    Wakey Wakey, Upper East Podcasters! C and S have invited special guest "B", to join the commencement of our Constance Billard/St Jude's graduates!

    Will Blair tell Chuck she knows he loves her? Will Chuck actually tell Blair he loves her to his face? Will Serena find out who Gossip Girl is at long last, or will she get throttled again? Will Jenny finally become Queen, or will a dark horse contender take her rightful headband? Will Dan and Vanessa make a new friend on their way to NYU, or is this guy looking to get to know Dan's parents? And will Nate finally get a clue? We'll never tell..

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    Episode 41 - S2x24: Valley Girls

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! We are taking a blast from the past as we visit a young Lily Rhodes in 1983! Will Lily meet a young Rufus Humphrey or meet the father of her kids? Lily meets up with her sister, Carol, but what hijinks will they get into? And why do we care? Also, it's PROM for our gang, but do we spend more than 10 minutes checking on them? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 40 - S2x23: The Wrath of Con

    This week, C and S discuss "The Wrath of Con", as Serena sets up a sting operation to get even with Poppy. Nate, Blair, Chuck, and Georgina are at hand for the caper, but will they get busted by one of their own? Rufus wants to propose to Lily, but will the ring get to her finger? Gabriel is still around, much to C and S's dislike. And while Nate very much wants to be with Blair, Chuck has to decide to either love her, or leave her alone. What does he choose? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 39 - S2x22: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    This week, C and S dig into "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and continue to make fun of Armie Hammer. Blair doesn't trust Gabriel as far as she can throw him, but will that throw her into the arms of Nate or Chuck? Serena is blindly falling deeper in love with Gabriel, but what will it cost her, her dignity or her bank account? Nate tries to solve his problem with Blair with real estate, but what is the state of their relationship? Dan and Vanessa play a drinking game, and Rufus wants to propose! Will he go through with it? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 38 - S2x21: Sedar Anything

    WE HAVE RETURNED! Due to some tech issues, this episode had to be re-recorded, but C and S are as charming as ever. Serena is fresh from Barcelona, but did she bring back more drama? Blair and Nate are the golden couple again, but for how long? Chuck is dating again, but will a chance meeting with Jenny change his mind? And Dan is serving plates, but is he serving up the sass? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 37 - S2x20: The Remains of J

    Wakey wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's Little J's SWEET SIXTEEN, but Serena has other plans in store. Nate and Blair are heating up, but not fast enough for Blair's liking. And Vanessa tries to get Nate back, but will working with Chuck be more than she bargained for? And Dan has a fan! Is this for real? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 36 - S2x19: The Grandfather

    Wakey wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's a Nate centric episode, but will he stay Aioli Boy, or become Mayo Nate once again? Will Vanessa keep up with the Vanderbilts, or will she take the next car back to BK? Will Blair get her fill of hijinks with Carter? Or find her way back to an old love? And do we care about Dan and Serena this week? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 35 - S2x18: The Age of Dissodance

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! Everyone is in the play, except Chuck, because of his crippling stage fright. Miss Carr and Dan get closer, but have to stay apart. Someone is gunning for Blair, but will it take away her precious Yale? Jenny made beautiful costumes for the play, but how? And Vanessa and Nate are trying to be more compatible, but Serena's latest crush might keep them apart. Also, is that Carter Bassen we see? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 35 - S2x17: Carnal Knowledge

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! Revenge is a dish best served cold, but this gossip is too hot to handle. Blair's on the war path to take down Miss Carr, but will it cost her Yale? Serena and Dan are growing more distant, with Dan getting closer to Miss Carr. And Chuck takes Vanessa and Nate on a small excursion apparently influenced by Stanley Kubrick, but will it bring him closer to the late Bart Bass? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 34 - S2x16: You've Got Yale!

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, we are BACK from winter break, and we are here for the drama. Everyone is getting some culture at the Opera, but is everyone ready? Will Chuck find an unlikely ally in Lily in his fight against Jack, or will she get caught in his crosshairs? Will Dan and Serena find their way back to each other, or will they be separated by more than just campuses? Will Blair finally achieve her Yale dream, or will a new teacher try to stand in her way? And Nate and Vanessa are still going strong, but for how long? We'll never tell...

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    Gossip Girl Blast #1: Chalet Girl, starring Ed Westwick

    Wakey wakey, Upper East Podcasters! We are taking short holiday from New York and visiting a chalet in the Austria mountains. We've encountered our friend Chuck Bass, who now has an English accent (his real accent!) and he's now going by Jonny. Felicity Jones is there too!

    C and S review the 2011 film CHALET GIRL, a movie about a girl that rediscovers her joy of outdoor sports while on the slopes. While delighting in snowboarding, she meets a rich guy (played by Ed Westwick), that owns that place where she works. Trust us, it's a delight. Ed Westwick may have typecast himself as a Rich Teen™.

    We will be back in a couple of weeks with our regularly scheduled episodes!

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    Episode 33 - S2x15: Gone with the Will

    Wakey wakey, Upper East Podcasters. The tea is served up, ready and piping hot for your drinking pleasure! First up, the Bart Bass will is read, and we find out the eternal question of Who is the Boss? Spoiler: it's not Tony Danza. Will Blair be at Chuck's side, or cast aside by the other Bass? And what of Lily and Rufus? Will their road trip to find their son land them finding something else along the way? Will Dan ever tell Serena? Or will she find out from a secret source? And will Jenny stop stalking Eric and Jonathan? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 32 - S2x14: In The Realm of the Basses

    Wakey Wakey, Upper East Podcasters, the votes are in, and 2017 is gonna be a trashfire!

    We are also in a brand new year, 2009! Will Blair "start over"? Or will she get pulled back into Chuck's orbit? Serena and Dan are also back together? But for how long? And how long will it take them to find out about Lily and Rufus? And Jenny could be Queen, but does she want the crown? Also, where's Nate? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 31 - S2x13: Oh Brother, Where Bart Thou? with special guests Jon Pernisek and Brandon Shockney

    Wakey Wakey, Upper East Podcasters! C and S welcome Two Rude Dudes, B and J to discuss the aftermath of the Winter Ball. How will Chuck survive without his Bart? Or Lily? Will she follow her heart to Rufus, or will someone get between them again? Will Serena decide between Dan and Aaron? Will Blair try to rescue Chuck one last time, or is it too late? And Jenny is making clothes again! Will it ruin the wedding? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 30 - S2x12: It's a Wonderful Lie with special guest Felton Kizer

    It's a LIVE show!

    C and S are joined by F, Felton Kizer, as they discuss the Winter Formal! Will Blair and Chuck find each other dates? Or each other on the dance floor? Will Dan and Aaron handle being friends with Serena, or are the both carrying torches. And Vanessa and Jenny are friends again, but for how long? We'll never tell!

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    Episode 29 - S2x11: The Magnificent Archibalds

    Wakey wakey, Upper East Podcasters. C and S are waiting patiently at the table for Thanksgiving dinner, but is that the only thing that will be dished? Little J is trying to divorce her parents, Eric discovered he's being spied on, but is he the only one? Dan blabs to Aaron about Serena's past, but will that push Aaron away? Blair is avoiding the holiday and her new family, but is there a bigger surprise in store? And the Captain returns, just in time for turkey, but will he be staying for pie? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 28 - S2x10: Bonfire of the Vanity

    Spotted, C and S get introduced to Eleanor's new beau, or Blair's new foe? Serena and Aaron are getting closer, but are they close enough? Jenny and Agnes aren't starting to lose their edge from the fashion show, but will their friendship last? Dan is starting a new career, but is it business man or journalist? And where's Nate? We'll never tell...

  38. Thumb 1475014586 artwork

    Episode 27 - S2x09: There Might Be Blood

    Spotted: C and S are going another fashion show, but there's no catwalk. Little J is going rouge with Agnes, trying to get some capital launch their designer dreams, but will it go well? Dan is in his feels about being in her shadow, and Rufus is trying to bring Jenny back from the dark side. Blair is on an adventure in babysitting, so she can get into Yale, with Serena, but will Chuck help? And Nate and Jenny get closer, but will Vanessa get caught in the middle? We'll never tell...

  39. Thumb 1474330530 artwork

    Episode 26 - S2x08: Pret-a-Poor-J

    Spotted, C and S dishes all about Jenny. Is she a fashionista or a Maxxinista? Who is that new model friend she's hanging with? And are we supposed to like her? Will Serena and Dan make good friends? Or will Serena new beau get between them? And is Blair talking to Dan, about Chuck? And when did Nate get so close to Jenny? We'll never tell..

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    Episode 25 - S2x07: Chuck in Real Life

    Spotted: C and S snickering about Blair and Chuck, the sex games escalate, with Vanessa getting in the middle. Serena is rebelling against Bart, Nate and Dan are "bros" now, and Eric has something to do! What is it? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 24 - S2x06: New Haven Can Wait

    Hello, Upper East Podcasters! C and S here, and we travel with the gang to on college tours! Does Serena go to Brown, or accepts her invitation to Yale? Blair is ready for her Yale interview, but does it go well? Dan, Nate and Chuck are all looking for something on the Yale campus, but do they find it? And Jenny is trying to get out of high school, but will Rufus let her? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 23 - S2x05: The Serena Also Rises

    Spotted, C and S trying to get into Fashion Week with Serena and Blair, as they start to fight over the attention of their minions, or fight over growing apart. Jenny hasn't been at school for weeks, and Rufus isn't impressed, and have we found a new power couple, Dan and Chuck? We'll never tell...

  43. Thumb 1471235233 artwork

    Episode 22 - S2x04: The Ex-Files, with special guest Taz Kalleher

    Spotted, C and S are heading back to class with our Upper East Siders, with guest special guest, Taz Kalleher. Who will win the breakup, Serena or Dan? Will Vanessa and Nate get back together, or torn apart yet again by Catherine? And what secret is Catherine keeping? And does it involve Blair? Is Jenny a "Project" or "Victim"? And who is that new girl, Amanda? And why is Chuck drinking scotch at 8am? We'll never tell...

  44. Thumb 1470181588 artwork

    Episode 21 - S2x03: The Dark Night

    Spotted: C and S are back, as Blair hosts the Welcome Back party of the school year, mingling with classmates, and getting in dark corners with Marcus, or is it Chuck? Dan and Serena get stuck in an elevator and their feels. Jenny put her foot firmly in her mouth again, but will she find a way to get it out? And will Vanessa help Nate to get away from Catherine? Or push him back into Catherine's arms? Also, where's Eric? We'll never tell...

  45. Thumb 1469999647 artwork

    Episode 20 - S2x02: Never Been Marcused

    Spotted: C and S spying Serena and Dan on the beach. Is this the beginning of a new chapter, or the beginning of the end? Will Blair get Lord Marcus to name her royal, or will the Duchess become a royal pain? And will Nate be able to use his assets to keep his family's? Also, Rufus is back! How will it all shake down? We'll never tell...

  46. Thumb 1469378401 artwork

    Episode 19 - S2x01: Summer, Kind of Wonderful

    Spotted: C and S lounging in the studio, living vicariously through our Upper East Siders as the infiltrate the Hamptons in the Season 2 opener. Will Serena get over Dan, or under him? Will Jenny get into the white party because her dress or because of her white privilege? And will Blair find a new love? Or find old love in Chuck? Also, did Nate get interesting? We'll never tell...

  47. Thumb 1467171383 artwork

    Episode 18 - S1x18: Much 'I Do' About Nothing

    This week, C and S discuss the season finale, and how far these UESers have come. Will Chuck and Blair figure it out? Will Serena and Dan eff it up? Nate punches someone, but who? And what is Vanessa wearing?! And why did we let Jenny dress her?! Do we care? We'll never tell...

  48. Thumb 1466379791 artwork

    Episode 17 - S1x17: Woman on the Verge, with special guest Tyler Greene

    This week, C and S are joined by special guest Tyler Greene of WBEZ, aka "T". We welcome to the Upper East Side, right in time to watch Serena's world crumble, the "non-judgmental Breakfast Club" come to rescue her, and Georgina only gets worse. Will Tyler become a convert? Does Lisa Loeb have another song? And where's Jenny? We'll never tell...

  49. Thumb 1465675883 artwork

    Episode 16 - S1x16: All About My Brother

    This week, C and S dish all about Eric, who proved to be this episode's star. Does Georgina continue to wreck havoc over our favorite Upper East Side couple? Has Jenny finally met her Prince Charming? Or his evil twin? And where are Chuck and Nate?! Do we care? We'll never tell...

  50. Thumb 1465190463 artwork

    Episode 15 - S1x15: Desperately Seeking Serena

    This week, C and S discuss new character Georgina Sparks, and how she wrecks havoc to our fellow Upper East Siders' lives. Will everyone make it to their SATs? Will Jenny find a new guy? And is there a new couple that we're totally into? We'll never tell...

  51. Thumb 1464631100 artwork

    Episode 14 - S1x14: The Blair Bitch Project

    The kids are back from Spring Break, but have broken ties been mended? Chuck and Serena have their first sibling squabble. Blair tries to gain her crown back from Jenny. Dan and Serena are trying to reconnect, but a wedge is forming, and Nate is being used for his looks... again. Will anyone be victorious? We'll never tell....

  52. Thumb 1464045594 artwork

    Episode 13 - S1x13: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate

    This week, C and S talk about how gossip isn't always fun. Blair's love triangle explodes, but who will rise from the ashes? Dan is in his feelings, and wants to share them with Serena. And Little J might be polishing her newly minted crown too soon. What happens in the Season 1 Winter Finale? We'll never tell...

  53. Thumb 1463414645 artwork

    Episode 12 - S1x12: School Lies

    Break out your bathing suits! C and S head to the school pool, even if they don't have an old, ornate key. Will the incident tear Serena and Dan apart? Will the incident bring Blair and Nate together? And what happened to Jenny? We'll never tell...

  54. Thumb 1462807697 artwork

    Episode 11 - S1x11: Roman Holiday

    This week, it's the first ever Gossip Girl Christmas episode! Does everyone have the holiday spirit? Or would they prefer it over rocks? Join C and S as they chat about all the holiday shenanigans!

  55. Thumb 1461614502 artwork

    Episode 10 - S1x10: Hi, Society

    This week, C and S discuss the debutante ball shenanigans on the latest episode. Will meeting Serena's grandmother, Cece, send Dan running? Will Jenny find a better dress? Will Blair have to choose between Nate or Chuck? Or Bassen? And where's Vanessa? We'll never tell...

  56. Thumb 1460982319 artwork

    Episode 9 - S1x09: Blair Waldorf Must Pie

    This week, C and S digest the Thanksgiving leftovers from "Blair Waldorf Must Pie". Will the van der Woodens have to eat Lily's sliced pumpkin? Will the Humphrey's handle the awkward dinner arrangements? Will Blair get to have her Dad's pie? And will Nate ever become interesting? We'll never tell...

  57. Thumb 1458939997 artwork

    Episode 8 - S1x08: Seventeen Candles

    C and S divulge the fallout after Chuck and Blair's tryst, watching Dan stumble in his new relationship with Serena, while keeping up with his old one with Vanessa, and Mayo Boy Nate and the delinquent Captain. Will Blair get her birthday wish? There's only one way to find out...

  58. Thumb 1458857102 artwork

    Episode 7 - S1x07: Victor/Victrola

    This week, C and S chat about the latest Upper East Siders shenanigans. Dan and Serena have sexy times, Jenny spills the beans on Nate's true feelings to Blair, prompting her to into the arms of another man! Who is it? We'll never tell...

  59. Thumb 1459188164 artwork

    Episode 6 - S1x06: The Handmaiden's Tale

    This week, C and S dissect S1xE06, watching everyone dancing around their issues at the Masked Ball. Blair is waiting for Nate to get a clue, Dan receives a blast from the past, possibly interrupting his blossoming romance with Serena, and Jenny finds she likes her revenge best served cold, and in an undershirt.

  60. Thumb 1458591616 artwork

    Episode 5 - S1x04: Dare Devil

    C and S dish about the sleepover party of the year, Serena's love for vespas and her "cool girl" vibes, Dan's terrible first date attire, and the joy of having a Nate-less episode.

  61. Thumb 1457216039 artwork

    Episode 4 - S1x04: Bad News Blair

    This week, C and S dish all about "Bad News Blair", the new and improved Eleanor, Serena and Blair bestie times, Nate and Chuck shenanigans, and how Dan continues to not understand women.

  62. Thumb 1456357472 artwork

    Episode 3 - S1x03: Poison Ivy

    C and S dish about "Poison Ivy", how Blair and Serena's fight has escalated, Dan and Nate's awkward interactions, and how many times Chuck can be creepy.

  63. Thumb 1456856643 artwork

    Episode 2 - S1x02: The Wild Brunch

    The gang has too much fracas happen before a brunch, leading C and S to ponder, when do Upper East Siders wake up?

  64. Thumb 1454567925 artwork

    Episode 1 - S1x01: Pilot

    C and S introduce the new characters! Damn, Humphrey and Human Mayonnaise are two characters on this show.

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