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Wakey wakey, Upper East Siders. Cher and Subi (C and S) are here to discuss every episode of Gossip Girl and its everlasting effect on society. Yes, they know it ended in 2012. What's the dish?

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    Episode 51 - S3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode, and this time, it gets political. While Tripp is getting groomed for Congress, Nate and Grandfather Vanderbilt are gonna get him in there, one way or another. Serena and Blair are at each other's throats, but will friendship win the day? Vanessa finds herself in some hot water the campaign, but it seems like another water source might be there source of her problems. Dan and Olivia are still a thing, good for them! Or is it? And why is Jenny sick? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 50 - S3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's Halloween on the UES where the monsters not only come out at night. Will Blair prove herself to Chuck, or will her schemes pull them further apart? Serena is helping Dan and Olivia stay together, but will it jeopardize her new career? Jenny is handling her newfound queendom well, but at what cost? And Nate is around... kind of? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 48 - S3x06: Enough about Eve


    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back, and Blair and Vanessa are going head to head to for a speech that's supposed to be important for reason? Also, Serena and Nate are trying to manipulate the Buckleys, but don't they know they're terrible at schemes?! Dan is still dating Olivia, but will Rufus and Lily meet the real Olivia, or her alterego? And is there trouble in paradise with Blair and Chuck? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 47 - S3x05: Rufus Getting Married, with special guest Cristina Vanko

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S have another C in the house, as their special guest to the wedding of the century, Rufus and Lily are FINALLY getting married, but will they make it to the alter? Will Serena ever find out with Carter did to the Buckleys? Or will Chuck give him another out? Will Dan find out about Scott at last, or will Georgina continue to meddle, with the help of Vanessa? And will Scott ever tell Lily and Rufus he's their son? And Nate is still with Bree, do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 46 - S3x04: Dan de Fleurette

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! There's a new girl in town, and haven't we seen her before? And she's FAMOUS. But what is she hanging out with Dan? Serena is trying to be a working girl, but who wants that? Blair is backsliding, but will Chuck and Jenny help her get back to her own NYU kingdom, and leave Jenny's newly crowned one alone? Vanessa is making nice with her roommate, but will she help Dan get closer? And Nate is Mayo Lite, do we like him better this way? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 45 - S3x03: The Lost Boy

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are pretty bored at the Sotheby's auction, but will the attendees be anymore interesting? Dan and Georgina have been getting to know each other's anatomy better, but will Blair have to witness it? Blair can't seem to get Chuck on his own while he's working on his business, negating them to get down with some business on their own. Carter and Serena are trying to make it as a couple, both with random women and champagne sprees get in their way? And Vanessa knows Scott's secret, but will she be able to keep it for long? Or from Rufus? And Nate and Bree are STILL a thing! Do we still find them boring? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 44 - S3x02: The Freshmen

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    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, C and S are heading to college! Blair, Dan, Vanessa, and Serena are all headed to college, but will all of them make it there? Blair is floundering and finds her new roommate is an old enemy, Georgina! Dan and Vanessa are getting used to being in school together, but will Scott put a wedge between them? Serena can't face Brown, and turns to an unlikely ally for clarity. And Mayo Nate is still with Expired Bree, and it's really boring. Will they become interesting? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 43 - S3x01: Reversals of Fortune

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    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, the gang has returned for Season 3, as C and S try to get a hold of themselves, seeing everyone back from summer vacations with their tans. Serena has been galavanting around the world, but are the paparazzi snapping her secrets or just her smile? Blair and Chuck have been in the heat of their relationship, but is being in the streets keeping them away from their sheets? The Humphreys are in the Hamptons, but do they wear it as well as their guest mates? And who's that with Nate? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 42 - S2x25: The Goodbye Gossip Girl, with special guest Brontë Mansfield

    Wakey Wakey, Upper East Podcasters! C and S have invited special guest "B", to join the commencement of our Constance Billard/St Jude's graduates!

    Will Blair tell Chuck she knows he loves her? Will Chuck actually tell Blair he loves her to his face? Will Serena find out who Gossip Girl is at long last, or will she get throttled again? Will Jenny finally become Queen, or will a dark horse contender take her rightful headband? Will Dan and Vanessa make a new friend on their way to NYU, or is this guy looking to get to know Dan's parents? And will Nate finally get a clue? We'll never tell..

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    Episode 41 - S2x24: Valley Girls

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! We are taking a blast from the past as we visit a young Lily Rhodes in 1983! Will Lily meet a young Rufus Humphrey or meet the father of her kids? Lily meets up with her sister, Carol, but what hijinks will they get into? And why do we care? Also, it's PROM for our gang, but do we spend more than 10 minutes checking on them? We'll never tell...

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