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Wakey wakey, Upper East Siders. Cher and Subi (C and S) are here to discuss every episode of Gossip Girl and its everlasting effect on society. Yes, they know it ended in 2012. What's the dish?

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    Episode 56 - S3x13: "The Hurt Locket"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode of Gossip Girls! Serena and Nate are making a boring love sandwich with each other or something, and are getting advice from Blair and Dan about how to handle their new relationship, and it's pretty bad. The advice and the relationship. Damien and sending Jenny mixed signals, but only Little J gets to get the alpha, showing him she's smarter than her black lace makes her look, which is pretty smart! Rufus is in his feelings, and exiled himself to Brooklyn, but will Lily convince him otherwise? Is Dan still hung up on Vanessa? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 55.5: Gossip Girls Blast: I, Tonya

    Wakey Waker Upper Easter Podcasters! We have another Gossip Girls Blast, this time, for Sebastian Stan's "I, Tonya". C and S discuss everything that happened way back in 1994, when they were basically infants, when figure skating took over the world, and Tonya Harding was the biggest celebrity in the world. Does "I, Tonya" live up to the hype? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 55 - S3x12: "The Debarted"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcaster! C and S are back and things are happeninggggg! Will Serena and Dripp enjoy their tryst in Upstate New York, or get interrupted by Maurine? And will they make it out alive? Basshole is sad about his dead Dad, but will Blair be able to tell him to get over it and face the music? Also, does Blair care about gentrification? Dan is in his feels about Vanessa, but does she care? And why is Nate helping him? Maybe because he's not over Serena? Is Rufus a "kept man husband also C's goals? And Jenny and Eric are still fighting, I guess. About what? Who knows anymore, but we'll never tell...

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    Episode 54 - S3x11: "The Treasure of Serena Madre"

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S talked before the end of the year, to talk about another holiday, THANKSGIVING. And boy, are our UESers dishing out hot takes, messy comebacks, and petty squabbles. Serena and Tripp, or Drip, are getting closer together, but will Nate intervene? Or just be his old Mayo Nate self? Blair thinks Eleanor is pregnant for reasons not even she can explain. Jenny is heated over a big Eric reveal, but can they get through it still friends, or just family? Dan is falling for Vanessa, but her mom isn't having it. And Lily and Rufus and Lily and Serena and Lily and Cece, and who isn't upset at Lily? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 53.5 - Gossip Girls Christmas Extravaganza: A Christmas Kiss!

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's a Christmas Episode Extravaganza, and we are reviewing the ION Television Masterpiece, A Christmas Kiss, featuring Gossip Girl Season 2 alum, Miss Carr! You know, the teacher that hooked up with Lonely Boy? Well, she gets entangled with another lonely boy, only this time, it's an elevator! The scandal! Does Miss Carr bag him? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 53 - S3x10 - The Last Days of the Disco Stick

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with the gang, and everyone is very theatrical! Will Dan come back from the threesome with Olivia and Vanessa unscathed? Or is it curtains for a certain couple? And will Blair have something to do with it? With Lady Gaga? Will Nate help Serena from making a mistake of the heart, or will he opens his heart to her at last? And Jenny? Now that she's Queen of the Upper East Side, will she find her ride or die? Or will she just die... of embarrassment? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 52.5 - A Word from The Gossip Girls

    Trigger Warning: C and S discuss sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault. If this isn't your jam, please come back next week with a new episode review. XOXO, Gossip Girls.

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    Episode 52 - S3x09: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" with special guest Maria Ranahan

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S, with special guest, M, are back at the annual cotillion, but this time, it's personal. At least for Little J, who is trying her best to erase her past and rise from the ashes as Queen Jenny, but will she succeed? Blair and Serena are still at odds, but what will it take to get these two back together? Macaroons? Daddy Issues? Chuck and Nate have the briefest of Lost Weekends, but will they find they way back to help Blair, Serena, and Jenny? Will Eric get his sister, Jenny, back, or gain an enemy and a new groupie, Kara? Also, Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa sitting in a tree, something is getting kinda gross with this three. Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 51 - S3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! C and S are back with a new episode, and this time, it gets political. While Tripp is getting groomed for Congress, Nate and Grandfather Vanderbilt are gonna get him in there, one way or another. Serena and Blair are at each other's throats, but will friendship win the day? Vanessa finds herself in some hot water the campaign, but it seems like another water source might be there source of her problems. Dan and Olivia are still a thing, good for them! Or is it? And why is Jenny sick? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 50 - S3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's Halloween on the UES where the monsters not only come out at night. Will Blair prove herself to Chuck, or will her schemes pull them further apart? Serena is helping Dan and Olivia stay together, but will it jeopardize her new career? Jenny is handling her newfound queendom well, but at what cost? And Nate is around... kind of? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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