Gossip Girls

Wakey wakey, Upper East Siders. Cher and Subi (C and S) are here to discuss every episode of Gossip Girl and its everlasting effect on society. Yes, they know it ended in 2012. What's the dish?

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    Episode 39 - S2x22: Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    This week, C and S dig into "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", and continue to make fun of Armie Hammer. Blair doesn't trust Gabriel as far as she can throw him, but will that throw her into the arms of Nate or Chuck? Serena is blindly falling deeper in love with Gabriel, but what will it cost her, her dignity or her bank account? Nate tries to solve his problem with Blair with real estate, but what is the state of their relationship? Dan and Vanessa play a drinking game, and Rufus wants to propose! Will he go through with it? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 38 - S2x21: Sedar Anything

    WE HAVE RETURNED! Due to some tech issues, this episode had to be re-recorded, but C and S are as charming as ever. Serena is fresh from Barcelona, but did she bring back more drama? Blair and Nate are the golden couple again, but for how long? Chuck is dating again, but will a chance meeting with Jenny change his mind? And Dan is serving plates, but is he serving up the sass? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 37 - S2x20: The Remains of J

    Wakey wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's Little J's SWEET SIXTEEN, but Serena has other plans in store. Nate and Blair are heating up, but not fast enough for Blair's liking. And Vanessa tries to get Nate back, but will working with Chuck be more than she bargained for? And Dan has a fan! Is this for real? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 36 - S2x19: The Grandfather

    Wakey wakey Upper East Podcasters! It's a Nate centric episode, but will he stay Aioli Boy, or become Mayo Nate once again? Will Vanessa keep up with the Vanderbilts, or will she take the next car back to BK? Will Blair get her fill of hijinks with Carter? Or find her way back to an old love? And do we care about Dan and Serena this week? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 35 - S2x18: The Age of Dissodance

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! Everyone is in the play, except Chuck, because of his crippling stage fright. Miss Carr and Dan get closer, but have to stay apart. Someone is gunning for Blair, but will it take away her precious Yale? Jenny made beautiful costumes for the play, but how? And Vanessa and Nate are trying to be more compatible, but Serena's latest crush might keep them apart. Also, is that Carter Bassen we see? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 35 - S2x17: Carnal Knowledge

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters! Revenge is a dish best served cold, but this gossip is too hot to handle. Blair's on the war path to take down Miss Carr, but will it cost her Yale? Serena and Dan are growing more distant, with Dan getting closer to Miss Carr. And Chuck takes Vanessa and Nate on a small excursion apparently influenced by Stanley Kubrick, but will it bring him closer to the late Bart Bass? Do we care? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 34 - S2x16: You've Got Yale!

    Wakey Wakey Upper East Podcasters, we are BACK from winter break, and we are here for the drama. Everyone is getting some culture at the Opera, but is everyone ready? Will Chuck find an unlikely ally in Lily in his fight against Jack, or will she get caught in his crosshairs? Will Dan and Serena find their way back to each other, or will they be separated by more than just campuses? Will Blair finally achieve her Yale dream, or will a new teacher try to stand in her way? And Nate and Vanessa are still going strong, but for how long? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 33.5 - MOVIE REVIEW - Chalet Girl, starring Ed Westwick

    Wakey wakey, Upper East Podcasters! We are taking short holiday from New York and visiting a chalet in the Austria mountains. We've encountered our friend Chuck Bass, who now has an English accent (his real accent!) and he's now going by Jonny. Felicity Jones is there too!

    C and S review the 2011 film CHALET GIRL, a movie about a girl that rediscovers her joy of outdoor sports while on the slopes. While delighting in snowboarding, she meets a rich guy (played by Ed Westwick), that owns that place where she works. Trust us, it's a delight. Ed Westwick may have typecast himself as a Rich Teen™.

    We will be back in a couple of weeks with our regularly scheduled episodes!

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    Episode 33 - S2x15: Gone with the Will

    Wakey wakey, Upper East Podcasters. The tea is served up, ready and piping hot for your drinking pleasure! First up, the Bart Bass will is read, and we find out the eternal question of Who is the Boss? Spoiler: it's not Tony Danza. Will Blair be at Chuck's side, or cast aside by the other Bass? And what of Lily and Rufus? Will their road trip to find their son land them finding something else along the way? Will Dan ever tell Serena? Or will she find out from a secret source? And will Jenny stop stalking Eric and Jonathan? We'll never tell...

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    Episode 32 - S2x14: In The Realm of the Basses

    Wakey Wakey, Upper East Podcasters, the votes are in, and 2017 is gonna be a trashfire!

    We are also in a brand new year, 2009! Will Blair "start over"? Or will she get pulled back into Chuck's orbit? Serena and Dan are also back together? But for how long? And how long will it take them to find out about Lily and Rufus? And Jenny could be Queen, but does she want the crown? Also, where's Nate? We'll never tell...

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